Course Catalogue

Learning DisabilityLearning Disability

Welcome to Turning Point Scotland

This course will provide you with an awareness of the work we do, and what you can expect as an employee working with us.

Adult Support & Protection

This course is to help ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to help stop or prevent potential harm or abuse occurring within any of the Turning Point Scotland services you work in.

Child Protection

This course provides a basic introduction to child protection concerns which you may face, or need to be aware of in your role.

Data Protection Awareness

The purpose of this course is to enhance your understanding and awareness of the key changes to data protection legislation that have come about with the introduction of GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 that came into affect 25th May 2018.

Equality & Diversity

This course explores why its important we understand what our responsibilities are under the law and what we need to do to be as inclusive as possible.

Fire Safety Management - Refresher

Turning Point Scotland provide a wide range of services in different environments to people with varying needs. Therefore it is important that you know the content of the service's fire risk assessment, emergency evacuation plan and any other procedure that is specific to your place of work.

Introduction to Learning Disabilities

This introductory course is for people new to working with learning disabilities.

IT Security

Information protection and management is of critical importance to us. Without adequate security measures, personal information, sensitive documents could be put at risk.

Lone Working Awareness

This course aims to support you to identify risks to your own and others health and safety while you are lone working. It will also help you improve decision making in every day situations so you are better equipped to make informed choices and therefore take action that minimises risk.

Medication Awareness

This course provides some basic guidance on the handling of medications and to act as a foundation for your practice in ordering, storing and administering medication within Turning Point Scotland services.

Outcomes Focused Support Work

This course will help you to develop an understanding of 'Personal Outcomes'.    Supporting people to achieve personal Outcomes is as important as being person centred.  Everyone working in social care needs to understand and work with Outcomes in practice.

People Moving People - Theory (Refresher)

This is a refresher course - you must have previously attended or completed an online full People Moving People Theory course.

Recording and Reporting

This course is about exploring what should be included in any report when you are working with service user and staff records.

Service Users Finances

This course is primarily aimed at staff who support service users to manage their finances.

Workplace Coaching

This course is primarily aimed at coaches (people who coach others) but coachees (people who are coached) may also find it useful.