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E-learning Policy

The following Turning Point Scotland policy will give you an overview of the following:

  • The definition of e-learning
  • When and where you can do e-learning
  • Practical considerations when doing e-learning
  • How much time you will get to do e-learning
  • Computer considerations
  • Security considerations
  • E-learning misconduct

Effective Handwashing

The Food Standards Agency in Scotland has developed a handwashing film, which demonstrates an effective way to wash hands and eliminate potentially harmful bacteria.  At any one time, there can be millions of germs on your hands, although these are far too small to be seen by the naked eye. Some of these are harmful to health and when spread to food can cause food poisoning.

They can, however, be eliminated with an effective hand washing technique. This film demonstrating this technique can be accessed via the link on the right.


Enhancing staff development through supervision

This film is about how staff skills are enhanced through supervision for staff working in care homes for older people.


Ergonomics and human factors at work

You may have heard the term ‘ergonomics’.  In some industries, such as major hazards, defence and transport, ergonomics is also called ‘human factors’. This Health and Safety Executive leaflet helps to explain how applying ergonomics can improve health and safety in your workplace.

Everyday first aid

The link below will take you to the British Red Cross website.  

Which will provide you with fast first aid tips is a sequence of short video clips (about 2 minutes each) giving advice about how to handle everyday situations.

British Red Cross website 

This information can be useful as a refresher, as a stop gap prior to training, to accompany Chocking Charlie, or the mannequin used for CPR.

Please note these are not in depth resources.

If you are unable to access the British Red Cross website the Fast First Aid Tips tips will help you to learn basic skills.


Exercises for office workers

In recent years there has been a move towards more office based jobs which has resulted in a nation of people who spend hours a day sitting stationary and hunched over in front of a desk.  It is not surprising that a growing number of office workers complain of back pain.  The lack of activity and movement as well as the bad posture associated with sitting in front of a desk all day means our backs are under a great deal of stress.  However, despite this there are ways to protect your back from the strains of office work.  This short guide will give you some tips on what you can do whilst at work to reduce the impact of back pain.