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Health & SafetyHealth and Safety

Fire Safety Management - Refresher

Turning Point Scotland provide a wide range of services in different environments to people with varying needs. Therefore it is important that you know the content of the service's fire risk assessment, emergency evacuation plan and any other procedure that is specific to your place of work.

Food Hygiene

It is important to know that if you handle food as part of your work, you not only have a moral responsibility to the people you support to uphold food hygiene principles, but a legal one as well.

Lone Working Awareness

This course aims to support you to identify risks to your own and others health and safety while you are lone working. It will also help you improve decision making in every day situations so you are better equipped to make informed choices and therefore take action that minimises risk.

Management of Actual & Potential Aggression - Recap

This recap course is for staff who have attended a MAPA® Theory or MAPA Disengagement course between 6 weeks to 15 months ago.

Please note:  This course will only be available when you request access by e-mailing

Medication Awareness

This course provides some basic guidance on the handling of medications and to act as a foundation for your practice in ordering, storing and administering medication within Turning Point Scotland services.

People Moving People - Theory (Refresher)

This is a refresher course - you must have previously attended or completed an online full People Moving People Theory course.

Risk Assessment

This course is for staff who are required to carry out risk assessments for work activities and working environments.

Safer Handling & Back Care

This course aims to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries that can be caused by poor manual handling in the workplace. The course will make clear the knowledge and skills that are required to enable you to carry out your job in a safe and effective manner, whilst complying with current legislation.